Samstag, 26. Januar 2008


This MAIL-ART CALL is also in memoriam of Lacko-but a bit different as the first one.
Lacko commited suicide in 2007.He was an expressionist art-brut -punk painter,an anarchist who liked dark things -but believed in god,too.
Since he's dead,i think of him as a "dark angel",-a son of a devil and an angel-a gothic-punk vampire,an undead "Dracula",stucked between heaven and hell.But he's also my guardian angel,i can feel his ghost alwasy around me....
I'd like you to send me some MAIL-ART (postcards & envelopes)in the memoriam of Lacko.It can be something DARK and GOTHIC and CREEPY,but also punky...
You can use these pics of him i posted here,if you want to.
Mores infos about who he was you can read in the last post .
Send your artworks to:
Zoe "PIT"Szilagyi
Veszprem-Csatarhegy 8200
kokeny u.7
DEADLINE:end of february 2008.

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