Freitag, 9. November 2007


Dear friends!
This is a mail-art call.
Theme:"In memoriam Lacko".
Lacko Szilagyi was an expressive "art-brut" PUNK-painter who commited suicide in february this year.He was my husband....More facts about him:
László Szilágyi, painter

Graduated in 1991 at the master course of the painter department
of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, with Derkovits scholarship.


1985 Domanovszky Award, Budapest
1989 Szent István Fine Arts Competition, Special award, Budapest
1996 David Bowie "Outside" Fine Arts Competition, Hungarian First Prize
1996 David Bowie "Outside" Fine Arts Competition, Special award, Paris

His favorite artists were Van Gogh,Egon Schiele,Baselitz,Lüpertz,the german expressionists,he also liked graffiti-style.

His favorite city was Berlin,liked the punk-scene,the squatters world.But he hated politix,didn't liked Communist or nazi punx:punk -just for FUN!

His favorites were SEX PISTOLS,RRamones,Nina Hagen,DAF,Einstürzende Neubauten,Clash,Exploited,Lydia Lunch,DEVO,David Bowie,PRONG,Therapy?,etc.

Lacko was mentally ill-schizophrenic-that's why he hanged himself at the loft of his home -with a british flag he always wear around his neck...
(he died at the 3.-th of february.Sid of the SEX PISTOLS commited suicide at the 2.-th of february,many years ago.)
Here are some pics of Lacko & his paintings that you can use for your MAIL-ART!
Send your works to:

Szilagyi Zoe "PIT"
Kokeny u.7

Do whatever you like,let your fantasy feel free,send me paintings,collages on envelopes or /and postcards or whatever you want but please,USE one of these pics you can see here too.
DEADLINE:3. february 2008
(but some works that arrive later are no problem...)

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